Yang Family Tai Chi Club. Learn traditional Yang Family Tai Chi in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

So what will I get out of practising Tai Chi?

The health benefits of practicing Tai Chi are well documented. Daily practice has been shown to:

Improve memory, concentration, digestion, balance and flexibility. It has also shown to have benefits for people with serious conditions, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

The Tai Chi classics talk of the ‘Marvels’ that practising Tai Chi can unlock within and we have a saying at the club…:

“Have a feel for the unreal”

………………..and you’ll be supprised how quickly you’ll develop a feel for it!

Tai Chi practice can have a profound effect on the student and keeping an open mind is essential.

Practice is slow and gentle therefore it is ideal for all ages and people of all physical abilities.

Learn this ancient and beautiful art under a highly trained and experienced teacher.